A Mid-Century Classic in Studio City With a Cool Rock Hudson Connection

  • A blue bedroom.

    A blue bedroom.

  • Perfect for a quiet conversation.

    Perfect for a quiet conversation.

  • Host parties by the pool.

    Host parties by the pool.

On the verge of becoming a star? You should splurge on a house that's oh so apropos. We found an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Hollywood legend Rock Hudson. The actor resided in this $1.1 million hillside escape in Studio City, CA, for four years in the early '50s, right when his star was shooting into the stratosphere.

Perhaps this cool house could do the same thing for you. Or at least give you an appropriately starry vibe.

Because a celebrity pedigree isn't the only thing this one-bedroom home has to offer. Built in 1950 using classic post-and-beam construction, the residence is a perfect encapsulation of Mid-Century California architecture. Floor-to-ceiling windows throughout create an indoor-outdoor floor plan from the kitchen to the living room to the back deck.

"It truly is quintessential post-and-beam architecture, which is what everyone is seeking these days in Mid-Century homes," says listing agent John Galich. "It really speaks for itself. It's not a large home, but the indoor-outdoor space is so seamless that it feels like a much larger space than it actually is."

At just over 1,000 square feet, the home won't set any size records. But what it lacks in space, it makes up for in seclusion. Galich says the home is ideal for "an entertainment figure or some other well-known person seeking privacy and architectural interest."

The 0.34-acre lot is segmented to create multiple seating areas suitable for parties of all sizes, from two people chatting under a shady tree at the rear of the property to a large dinner and pool party on the main patio off the living room. Lush, drought-friendly landscaping fully surrounds a cozy conversation nook in a far corner.

No matter which spot you choose for relaxation, you're sure to have an amazing view of everything but your neighbors -- from the San Fernando Valley to Coldwater Canyon.

"The site is really unusual in that you have almost complete privacy. No matter where you walk, you're completely secluded," says Galich. "It's very magical."

Forgive yourself if you can't stop experiencing dj vu: Hudson's most iconic early-career photos, including the famous shot of him on the telephone, clad only in a bath towel, were taken on the property.

Talk about a living history.