Move Your Body -- and All of Your Stuff -- With This Moving Day Playlist



Whether the next roof over your head is across the hall or across the country, moving is an undeniably anxiety-inducing experience. How on earth can you chill out and get your stuff packed and on the truck in time?

Turns out, music has been scientifically proven to ease stress.

So we took it upon ourselves to play musical therapist/DJ for all your moving day woes.

So start grooving (and moving) to this Spotify playlist we created for you to get you through each step of the process. Here's to a smooth move.

-- -- --

1. 'Paperwork,' by T.I. and featuring Pharrell Williams

Before you get to packing, you're going to have to deal with a little drudgery called paperwork. Perhaps you thought you were done with all that nonsense after closing day.

Nope! Now you've got to tackle insurance policies, moving truck rental contracts and change of address forms, just to name a few. We hope this peppy tune from T.I. and Pharrell will keep you motivated while you get to it.

-- -- --

2. 'Irreplaceable,' by Beyonc

OK, this one's about Queen Bey throwing a no-good scrub out of her house. But it certainly gets you in the mood to send someone packing -- even if it's yourself! Just don't put everything you own in a box to the left (something tells us that's not a proper packing technique anyway).

-- -- --

3. 'Dirty Work,' by Austin Mahone

Ok, everything's moving along. You've carefully packed all your things -- even that weird cutout of Han Solo that your husband insists on keeping. But you ain't done yet. Now's the time for the inevitable dark task of deep-cleaning your whole home before you move out.

Whether you're trying to get your security deposit back on a rental or you just need to leave your digs in mint condition for the next owner, it's time to get your hands dirty. Let this catchy tune motivate you as you get to work.

-- -- --

4. 'Use Somebody,' by Kings of Leon

Whether you're moving across the street or across the country, you're gonna need some help. So go ahead and use somebody -- hire movers, beg your best friend or kid brother who owes you a favor (or five) to help schlep your couch and the rest of your stuff into your new digs.

If you ask your pals, make sure you know how to properly pay them back (pizza and beer don't cut it anymore, FYI). And if you hire movers, it helps to know their secrets for a successful move -- before you ever pick up the phone.

-- -- --

5. 'Nothing Left,' by Kygo and featuring Will Heard

We can't believe we're putting this one in here, but it turns out some of you folks need a reminder to take everything with you when you go.

You know that creeping feeling we have when we finally leave a place for the last time? That uneasy vibe is because leaving stuff behind isn't all that uncommon.

Realtors tell us they've seen people leave behind baby items, cars, cash -- and even their pets! So make sure there's nothing left behind when you walk out your door that last time.

-- -- --

6. 'The Way You Move,' by Outkast

We really do like the way you move (or the way your movers move, it's that the direction you've decided to go.) You're ready for action, never relaxin', and by now, you're in the middle of a flawless moving day. No shattered fragile items here!

-- -- --

7. 'Spiderwebs,' by No Doubt

You're in your new digs! But you might wish you weren't home right now when you have to trek into your new basement, attic or crawl space and clean out all the cobwebs and spiderwebs left behind by previous residents. That's OK -- even if you have to evict a few unwanted house guests, we've seen worse -- and we know how to tell you to deal.

-- -- --

8. 'My House,' by Flo Rida

Dude -- you did it! Even if you're still unpacking and taking care of other settling-in tasks, give yourself a pat on the back for making it through the special hell that is moving. Pop the champagne, invite your friends and family over, and welcome them to your house as you play that music too loud.

Also, when can we drop by?