Will 50 Cent's Mansion Turn Into an Old Folks' Home?

  • 50 Cent older

    50 Cent older

  • 50 Cent's indoor swimming pool: great for senior water aerobics!

    50 Cent's indoor swimming pool: great for senior water aerobics!

  • Good-bye, stripper poles, hello senior citizens?

    Good-bye, stripper poles, hello senior citizens?

After nearly a decade on and off the market, 50 Cent's mansion in Farmington, CT, has everyone wondering if it will ever sell -- which explains why a recent rumor of a pending sale exploded online.

On Wednesday, TMZ reported that the rap star had finally found a buyer willing to plunk down $8 million for the 21-bedroom, 25-bathroom, 1-stripper pole mansion. However, it seems TMZ jumped the gun -- gasp! -- and got its facts muddled. The rapper's reps told People the house has not been sold, although they conceded that there are offers on the table.

So who are those offers from? Well, if there's any truth to the original report, one of the primary bidders plans to turn it into an assisted-living facility. You heard us right: This infamous party pad -- complete with a helipad, nine kitchens, an indoor pool, and a disco -- could become a posh residence for some very lucky (and swanky) seniors. Imagine the street cred they'll have with the grandkids!

Talk about a potential blow to Fiddy's ego. Still, if these rumors turn out to be true, we think this transformation makes total sense.

Why? Because 50 Cent declared bankruptcy in 2015. He's also been trying to unload this behemoth of a residence since 2007, when it was listed for $18.5 million. There aren't many buyers around who can afford a party pad of this size, particularly when you factor in the maintenance costs of $67,000 per month.

Meanwhile, the population of older people who can't live alone is growing, but the number of senior living facilities hasn't kept pace. Plus, just because you may need help getting around doesn't mean you can't enjoy life -- and Fiddy's mansion delivers. Residents could wake up, play some squash, take a dip in the indoor pool, play some craps in the casino, and even hit the dance floor to the sounds of some golden oldies.

And if this turns out to be the winning buyer, not only does the rapper unload his albatross of a mansion, he'll have an inside line on a nice place to retire, too.