A Speck of an Oasis: This Tiny House in the Desert

  • A small kitchenette.

    A small kitchenette.

  • A romantic desert living room.

    A romantic desert living room.

  • The mountain view, after a storm.

    The mountain view, after a storm.

Quiet, starlight, and Southern California don't necessarily jibe -- but weary Angelenos seeking their own slice of peace and sunshine on the border of Joshua Tree National Park won't find a better deal than this $45,000 studio-size cabin in Twentynine Palms, CA.

The 400-square-foot home is "perfect for someone who lives in Los Angeles and wants a place to view the stars and spend the night," says listing agent Vinson Johnson. "It's beautiful out here. The stars are amazing. There are fantastic conditions for astronomy."

Granted, the adorable stucco home isn't for those prone to loneliness. Built in 1956 as a homesteader cabin, this tiny house sits on 5 acres of nothing -- and lots more nothing beyond that.

"These kinds of properties aren't great for everyone," Johnson says. "A lot of people don't realize just how remote they are -- and it will feel even more remote than it actually is."

The minuscule indoor setting makes the outdoors seem even more expansive. One large room comprises the living room, bedroom, dining room, and kitchenette (you'll be using the loo in an outhouse) with large picture windows perfect for soaking up the magnificent view.

"It's just a big, huge open room," says Johnson. "It's kind of like walking into a little studio apartment. It's pretty."

While it's not explicitly designed for year-round living, it's not an impossible feat "depending on what your lifestyle is," he says. The home does have electricity, warm showers in the aluminum-clad bathhouse, and a 2,400-gallon water tank, making it certainly livable -- but perhaps it's best used as a weekend escape and vacation rental. (Currently, it's rented out for about $93 a night.)

Guests are flocking to the region: Only a few miles from burgeoning desert mecca Twentynine Palms and near several state parks and natural springs, the home has more than enough nearby entertainment to pack a long weekend.

"It's a neat area, and it's becoming more popular," says Johnson. "You're remote, you've got some peace and quiet, and you're not in town."

Still, being confined to one tiny room can make anyone a little stir-crazy. Luckily, potential buyers aren't limited to the small confines of the current structure. With 5 acres of land, there's plenty of room to build whatever you want. Want to turn this into a guest cottage and build your own desert-inspired abode on the property? No problem. It's the perfect spot for DIY relaxed living.

And we do mean relaxed: Twentynine Palms had a 20% increase in traffic lights last year, Johnson says. "We went from five traffic lights to six."