Swipe Right? Tinder Co-Founder Justin Mateen Renting Out His Beverly Hills Home

  • Justin Mateen

    Justin Mateen  (2015 Gabriel Olsen)

  • He wanted it painted black.

    He wanted it painted black.

  • Living room

    Living room

Would you swipe right to spend some quality time inside this bodacious pad? Justin Mateen, co-founder of the dating/hookup app Tinder, is hoping someone will be willing to splurge on a $15,000-per-month relationship with his house in Beverly Hills, CA.

The two-bedroom home is designed with that rocker-chic blend of black floors, black ceilings, and black trim, contrasted with white walls and white doors. It's a look someone like Slash might gravitate toward when browsing for interior-design inspiration.

The 2,372-square-foot house has plenty of spots to bring back a prospective fling. Upstairs, a movie theater. Outside, a spa connected to a small rectangular pool. Head on in from the patio room through a pair of French doors, and you'll find yourself inside a cozy-looking living room with a fireplace to heat things up in case you need to stoke the embers of romance.

Speaking of cold, Mateen's relationship with Tinder has been on ice for a while. Mateen resigned as CMO in 2014, after a sexual harassment scandal involving another of Tinder's co-founders, Whitney Wolfe.