Fitness Author and Trainer Autumn Calabrese Selling $2.35M Studio City Home

  • Autumn Calabrese

    Autumn Calabrese  (2015 Tibrina Hobson)

  • The home's Cali-chic exterior.

    The home's Cali-chic exterior.

  • The aforementioned sweet home gym.

    The aforementioned sweet home gym.

You could get in shape by tuning into celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese's workout videos -- or you could just buy her home. Her $2.35 million, four-bedroom abode in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Studio City comes complete with a converted gym garage, perfect for actually achieving your New Year's resolutions.

Calabrese is best known for her 21 Day Fix workout series as well as her formidable, inspirational presence on Instagram (she has more than 250,000 followers), where she posts recipes, post-workout selfies and quotes. (Look hard enough and you'll even find plenty of pics of that sweet home gym.)


Her 4,005-square-foot home is the perfect place to practice clean living. Not only does it offer a pool for getting in some laps on off-days, but it also has a built-in outdoor barbecue for grilling your daily allotment of lean protein, and a spacious kitchen with stunning marble countertops ideal for meal prep.


Even if fitness isn't your jam, you'll still find plenty to love in this California escape. Hang a chandelier from the master bedroom's vaulted ceiling and decorate to your heart's content -- the white walls will pair perfectly with bold color and glitzy glamour.

You can curl up by the bedroom fireplace or take a long, leisurely bubble bath in the spa-like soaking tub. That's a workout, right?