Would You Want 50 Cent as Your Landlord?

  • 50 Cent's home, interior

    50 Cent's home, interior

  • 50 Cent

    50 Cent

50 Cent has been trying to sell his mansion in Connecticut for, like, forever. Listed in 2007 for $18.5 million, the 21-bedroom, 25-bathroom, two-stripper pole mansion in Farmington has since undergone four price cuts to $8.5 million. Still no takers.

Given the place costs $67,000 a month to maintain and the rapper filed for bankruptcy this summer, money is clearly tight. So what's a cash-strapped rapper to do? Try renting it out, of course: Now the whole place can be yours for just $100,000 a month!

Granted, a hundred grand isn't chump change. But just think of the amazing parties you'd have there if you did pony up. You could invite all your friends to enjoy the indoor pool, gym, basketball court, and fully appointed "disco."

And, hey, if you've got any money left over after coughing up your rent, you can fly there! According to the listing, it's "one of the few homes in Connecticut that have approved grounds for landing a helicopter which makes for easy access from/to New York City."

Plus, how cool would it be to say that your landlord is 50 Cent? Regardless of his legal and financial woes, he's still a hip-hop household name. If you want to raise eyebrows further, you can also tell guests that the mansion's previous owner was boxer Mike Tyson. Bam, you're a legend among your friends for life!

All we can say is, you'd better pay your rent on time.