Melanie Griffith Sells Her Home With Ads Starring Herself

Melanie Griffith appears in ads to sell her Aspen home.

Melanie Griffith appears in ads to sell her Aspen home.  (2004 Getty Images)

Actress Melanie Griffith is selling her Aspen, CO, home for $8.9 million, and she's adopted a unique marketing strategy to spread the word: herself! That's right! Contrary to what has long been considered conventional celeb home-selling wisdom, the former Working Girl actually appears in her own video ads to sell her mountain retreat.

The ad -- currently on YouTube and slated to run on local cable outlets in coming days -- shows off the 8,000-square-foot, seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom home as Griffith strolls with her agent, Bob Bowden, through the 12-acre woodland property. A voice-over conveys all we need to know about this peaceful place: Refuge. Reserved. Refined. Rare.

It seems to be the harbinger of a brave new world in celebrity selling.

We recently told you how Michael Jordan produced a series of six Hollywood-style videos to sell his 56,000-square-foot, nine-bedroom, 15-bathroom home in Highland Park, IL. While His Airness didn't appear in the videos -- although his sneakers sure did -- the voice-over practically dared buyers to bask in this basketball superstar's glory.

When Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics decided to budget $20,000 for a video to sell his Spanish-style house on Toluca Lake, CA, there were no words at all -- just a toe-tapping instrumental soundtrack.

But wait a minute! Don't these ads buck real estate rule No. 1, which is to depersonalize a home as much as possible so that potential buyers can imagine themselves living there? Well, this long-held belief may be changing.

"I think with high-profile properties in high-profile markets such as Aspen, this is a creative approach," admits Cara Ameer, a Realtor in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. "As long as it is done in a lower-key, interview-style approach vs. 'I'm such and such and welcome to my home,' it can help to convey features, benefits, and lifestyle in a way that someone may not get from just looking at photos and descriptions."

Adds Wendy Flynn, a real estate agent in College Station, TX: "Melanie Griffith's presence in the video works because it's subtle and subdued." Flynn notes, "The image of Melanie walking with her Realtor gives you the sense of a relaxing day entertaining guests at the retreat."