This Week's Most Popular Homes Are Clustered in 3 States

  • Beverly Hills

    Beverly Hills

  • Brewer


  • Chicago


When we sat down to examine the most-clicked homes on this week, we weren't shocked by the top finisher. A mainstay since we started this feature a couple of months ago, the $195 million Palazzo di Amore is the nation's most expensive home that just won't quit.

But for us, the real joy is in the journey to the top of the list, where we find unexpected homes piquing buyer interest. This week, a home built in the 1700s cracked the top 10, sitting on the list with a home built just last year.

There's one other trend worth noting: Six of the 10 homes are clustered in three states -- Texas, Louisiana, and Illinois -- with two entries each. What do these clusters mean? Why are some of these houses so popular? If you have a theory, you can always let us know.

10. 735 West St, Wrentham, MA
Price: $449,000
Why it's here: Age ain't nothin' but a number. Built in 1799, it's the oldest home on this week's list, but recent renovations to the kitchen and bathrooms have it looking like a modern classic.

-- -- --

9. 619 S 13th St, Nederland, TX
Price: $168,500
Why it's here: In need of an attitude adjustment? Great! According to the listing, this house "is an attitude changer when you walk in the front door." And if you need further adjusting, adjourn to the fire pit out back.

-- -- --

8. 466 E McKinley Ave, Haughton, LA
Price: $264,500
Why it's here: Located on just over an acre of land about 25 minutes outside of Shreveport, this four-bedroom home is this week's mystery. If you have a theory on why this place is popular, tweet us.

-- -- --

7. 5919 Hauser Dr, Shawnee, KS
Price: $199,950
Why it's here: Maybe it's the finished basement. Or the oversize garage. Or the concrete slab waiting for a shed in the backyard. Whatever the reason, this place sounds like a dude's dream.

-- -- --

6. 22268 LA Highway 42, Livingston, LA
Price: $289,900
Why it's here: Louisiana's second entrant in this week's list, this custom-built home sits on 3.5 acres and is close to brand-new. Plus it has its own pond!

-- -- --

5. 2832 Fair Timber Way, McKinney, TX
Price: $264,900
Why it's here: This four-bedroom brick home is this week's bargain pick at only $100 per square foot. And if there's nothing on TV, you could stare at the built-in fish tank for hours on end.

-- -- --

4. 139 Clover Ln, Brewer, ME
Price: $279,225
Why it's here: Listing agent Rhonda Libby says the home's in "a great neighborhood in all ways." And the adorable cottage out back doesn't hurt.

-- -- --

3. 24949 E 400 North Rd, Le Roy, IL
Price: $299,900
Why it's here: It's all about the horses. This "hobby farm" comes with stables and a riding arena. According to the listing, this 7-acre property "is truly the best deal for horse properties in the area."

-- -- --

2. 3251 W 109th St, Chicago, IL
Price: $729,000
Why it's here: The 5,000 square feet of living space in Chicago's Mount Greenwood neighborhood is said to be the crme de la crme of the hood.

-- -- --

1. 9505 Lania Ln, Beverly Hills, CA
Price: $195,000,000
Why it's here: After a few weeks bouncing around the middle of the pack, the nation's most expensive home made its way to the tippy top this week. Color us surprised!