Plan Your Own (Perfectly Legal) Escape: 10 Amazing Tunnel-Touting Homes

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After notorious drug lord El Chapo made a wildly elaborate escape from a maximum-security Mexican prison, attention has shifted underground. Everyone's curious about how the cartel boss managed to have a remarkably well-appointed mile-long tunnel at his disposal. It even had its own motorcycle!

Of course, over here at, we can't stop talking about it, either. So we dug into our listings in order to uncover homes with their own underground tunnels. Yes, they actually exist -- and we found 10 (10!) cool ones to share with you.

Some were designed to ensure residents could avoid frigid temps, a few have ties to history, and others remain a mystery. Now, we ask you to turn on your headlamp and join us on a journey into the underworld -- just don't tell El Chapo!

14125 W Ben Jaffe Blvd, Wickenburg, AZ
Price: $4,900,000
The lowdown: This thing is legit: a true tunnel. It's underground, rocky, and possibly laden with gold. For almost $5 million, you'll wind up with 25 miles of tunnels on over 260 acres of land. Treasure map is not included. Oh, yeah, there's a house, too -- a modest energy-efficient unit, complete with its own well.

-- -- --

6 Alton Ave, Voorhees, NJ
Price: $3,000,000
The lowdown: Anticipating the apocalypse, the 130-foot-long "bomb proof" tunnel running below this six-bedroom, 11,500-square-foot French Colonial is the ideal getaway from invading hordes. But if you're not anticipating heavy artillery fire in South Jersey, it could be transformed into a wine cellar or one heck of a cigar room.

-- -- --

15 Sprucewood Ln, Westport, CT
Price: $2,785,000
The lowdown: This Colonial built in 1830 offers a secret passage between the main house and a four-room guest cottage. And it's just an hour away from Manhattan!

-- -- --

334 Dole Rd, Rupert, VT
Price: $2,150,000
The lowdown: This deluxe horse farm -- featuring a five-stall barn -- has tunnels leading to the garage, barn, and greenhouse. But don't be alarmed! There's nothing (necessarily) nefarious about wanting to avoid the chill of a Vermont winter.

-- -- --

960 Timber Point Ln, Hamilton, MT
Price: $1,500,000
The lowdown: This 3,560-square-foot metal structure, built to accommodate 30 people, has a bunker and all the necessary amenities for a big group of people who really want to get away from it all. There is, of course, a hidden escape tunnel!

-- -- --

4801 S Coleman Ln, Spokane, WA
Price: $729,900
The lowdown: Paging all dads. This tunnel leads from the five-bedroom, four-bathroom, 4,400-square-foot luxury main house to a massive underground man cave. Well-lit and heated, this tunnel really says "escape!"

-- -- --

62181 41st St, Paw Paw, MI
Price: $770,000
The lowdown: Built in 1920, the home known as "Water and Vine" has a storied history of crime. The listing says Al Capone spent time here and made use of the home's "tunnels and secret hatch doors." We didn't find any photos of the tunnels, but the home looks like a lovely place to spend a weekend.

-- -- --

1880 Edgewood Ave S, Jacksonville, FL
Price: $1,299,000
The lowdown: Are you wild about whiskey? Built during Prohibition and known as "Bootlegger's House," this home has a tunnel leading from the home to nearby St. Johns River.

-- -- --

400 N Madison Ave, Eatonton, GA
Price: $650,000
The lowdown: The home's description says it has a tunnel believed to be connected to an underground network of tunnels in Eatonton. A city of tunnels in Georgia? We want the dirt!

-- -- --

2135 W Glenlord Rd, Stevensville, MI
Price: $599,000
The lowdown: Do you dare to open the door? We have no idea what sort of tunnel lies beyond, but listing agent Dayna Kozminski hints that there's historical significance.