Summary of spam operation crackdown

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

By The Associated Press


HOW MUCH SPAM: The operation targeted by federal authorities generated billions of spam e-mails over several years. The Federal Trade Commission received more than 3 million complaints.

HOW IT WORKED: The FTC says the spam encouraged people to go to various Web sites, including one called "Canadian Healthcare." The sites allegedly used false claims to peddle prescription drugs, as well as "male enhancement" and weight-loss pills.

WHAT LAW APPLIES: The operation allegedly violated the CAN-SPAM Act, a federal law designed to restrict commercial spam. Among other things, it requires that unsolicited e-mails have opt-out links and clearly state their origin.

WHO WAS INVOLVED: On the Internet, the enterprise was known as "Affking." The FTC says the main figures included a U.S. and a New Zealand citizen. They say it involved people in half a dozen countries, including India, China and the United States.


Source: Federal Trade Commission.

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