The Pros and Cons of HD Antennas

Saturday, April 28, 2007

By The Associated Press


Some of the pros and cons to using an antenna to receive high-definition TV signals:


_ It's free. After spending $20 to $150 on an antenna, there's no monthly fee to pay the cable or satellite company for an HD package, which costs about $10 a month.

_ Better picture quality. Many experts say over-the-air HD provides a clearer picture than what cable or satellite companies can provide because they compress the signal, removing data and degrading picture quality.


_ Reception issues. The ability to receive an over-the-air HD signal depends on an antenna's distance from local TV stations' broadcasting towers. The signal won't get snowy and fuzzy like the old analog signal. Instead, the picture will turn into tiny blocks and go black.

_ Only local channels. Channels like ESPN, TNT and Discovery Channel aren't available over-the-air.

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