Bull Goes on 7-Hour Rampage in New Delhi

Monday, October 09, 2006


NEW DELHI — The bull may have missed the china shop but it did swing by New Delhi's city center, two markets, a movie theater, a Sikh temple and the YWCA during a seven-hour rampage that left six people lightly wounded.

Cows are revered as sacred in predominantly Hindu India, and thousands roam freely through the streets of cities, often seen walking busy roads, sleeping on dividers, grazing on trash and leaving trails of dung.

But letting an estimated 28,000 beasts compete for space with New Delhi's 14 million residents creates problems, and several people have been killed in recent years by rampaging bovines.

Sunday's ordeal started when overeager security personnel tried to shoo the bull from a route to be used for VIP traffic, angering the animal, the Press Trust of India news agency reported Monday.

The bull ran down roads charging groups of people and scattering crowds in a frenzy that took it through some of the city's busiest streets, markets and the entrance area to the Regal Cinema.

It calmed down after several hours, but attempts by police to lasso it from the back of a truck set it of again, The Indian Express newspaper reported.

The second run took the bull through the grounds of a YWCA hostel and a prominent temple.

Only by late afternoon did police call in a city veterinary doctor, who shot the bull with a tranquilizer dart after the beast was cornered near an apartment block.

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