Twin Brothers Push Intruder Out Second-Story Window

Friday , February 15, 2008



Twin brothers Clay and Christopher Parkman, 17, arrived at their home near Olympia, Wash., Monday to discover a back door window shattered. They assumed someone had broken in, but did not know the intruder was still in the house, reports.

The Parkmans chased the burglar into a bedroom and to a window, and then "acted on instinct," Clay Parkman told Clay jumped over the bed and pushed the man out a second-story window. The suspect fell 20 feet to the ground, landing on his back on the concrete, reports.

"He didn't scream or anything," Clay Parkman told "He was just looking at me the whole way down."

The brothers ran to their car and followed the burglar as he ran away on foot into nearby woods. The police arrived shortly thereafter and the suspect was arrested, reports.

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