Over-the-Counter Sex Pill Containing Prescription Compound Found in Cialis Recalled

Tuesday , July 31, 2007



Batches of an over-the-counter sex-enhancing pill that can purchased over the Internet have been recalled because they contain traces of the active ingredient found in the prescription medication Cialis.

The maker of Top Gun for Men Herbal Extracts said the pills could cause "serious health consequences" because they contain a compound similar to the drug tadalafil, and other wire services are reporting. Tadalafil is an erectile dysfunction drug sold in the U.S. under the name Cialis.

According to Top Gun’s manufacturer, Sydney, Australia-based La Viva Blue, anyone who bought the product should not use it. The recalled products have an expiration date of December 2008.

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In April, “Excite for Women” and “Ultimates for Men” — both “natural” products — were recalled after it was found they contained the active ingredient in Viagra.