Nevada Couple Wins $15 Million Lottery After Cashing in $10,000 Winning Ticket

Wednesday, January 31, 2007



One Nevada couple has shown that lightning can strike twice, and they've got $15 million in lottery winnings to prove it.

Barry and Barbara Salzman pressed their luck, and it paid off. After winning one lottery jackpot, the couple invested in an additional ticket, and ended up walking home with a cool $15 million, the Arizona Republic reported Tuesday.

"Of course I don't believe it, I just don't believe it happened," the paper reported Barry Salzman as saying at a press conference Tuesday morning.

The Nevada couple often traveled across the Arizona state line to buy Powerball lottery tickets when the jackpot was particularly big. After a recent ticket purchase, the couple discovered they were $10,000 winners.

When they set out to collect their winnings, they decided to give it another go, and bought an additional Powerball ticket. That ticket was the $15 million jackpot winner.

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"[This money] gives us tremendous security," Barbara Salzman told the paper. "We plan on giving our daughter her first house and helping our son get started with his computer company, and also giving money to charities and paying off our house."

"This is phenomenal for Salzman, and phenomenal for Arizona," said Art Macias, executive director of the Arizona Lottery. "The Powerball does good things, and we are all big winners here."