Keith Ellison flack mocks Jewish reporter as 'anti-Semitic caricature'

Published September 14, 2017

Washington Free Beacon

Rep. Keith Ellison's (D., Minn.) press secretary sparked a Twitter spat Thursday after describing a prominent Jewish reporter as looking like an "anti-Semitic caricature."

Isaiah Breen, Ellison's press secretary, took to Twitter Thursday afternoon to jokingly claim he was fired from his position for publicly mocking two Jewish reporters, Bloomberg View's Eli Lake and Daily Beast contributor Jamie Kirchick.

Breen, from his personal Twitter account, wrote, "To be clear, keith fired me with prejudice after i said jamie kirchik and eli lake remind me of pinky & the brain. i'm so sorry to both. [sic]"

Breen added in a subsequent Tweet to Lake, "You *do* look like an antisemitic caricature."

Breen confirmed he sent the Tweets from what he described as his "bofa account."

"Of course I wasn't fired," he told the Washington Free Beacon

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