Members of Congress lose their special airport parking lot

One of the most popular perks for Washington D.C.'s power players has come to an end – members of Congress, Supreme Court justices and certain diplomats on Friday officially lost their parking privileges at Reagan National Airport.

Under new rules that went into effect Friday, a restricted lot that had been available to these officials is now closed.

The special lot had long enabled lawmakers to shave minutes off their trip to Capitol Hill for a crucial roll call vote — or get a head start on flights home for every congressional recess.

Lawmakers are now going home for the July Fourth recess, without their special lot.

Now, those with congressional, Supreme Court and diplomatic plates or placards will have to go to the public parking lots.

The airport is closing the restricted lot as part of a $1 billion expansion project aimed at streamlining the movement of passengers through its terminals.

Fox News’ Chad Pergram contributed to this report.