Supreme Court

Hannity: Gorsuch confirmation will be a 'knock-down, drag-out fight'

Democrats will launch a vicious onslaught of attacks despite the Supreme Court nominee's stellar record


Fox News' Sean Hannity warned Senate Republicans and Judge Neil Gorsuch on Tuesday night's "Hannity" to be ready for an "all-out brawl" as the Senate Judiciary Committee holds its confirmation hearing for Gorsuch this week.

"Despite the judge’s stellar record on the bench, the Democrats are still angry over the election results which led to Gorsuch’s nomination," said Hannity, who added that "the left are perfectly willing to use dirty, disgraceful political tactics all to try and derail a Republican Supreme Court nominee."

The host raised the specters of Robert Bork — whose nomination to the court was blocked by Senate Democrats in 1987 — and Justice Clarence Thomas, whose confirmation was marred by allegations of sexual harassment by Thomas' former colleague Anita Hill.

Hannity praised Gorsuch Tuesday for handling what he called "Democrats' 'gotcha' questions all in stride," but warned that liberals have "proved time and time again they will stoop to new lows to get anything they want.

"Now, Judge Gorsuch and Republicans, you’d better be ready for a knock-down, drag-out fight from the left," he concluded, "because that’s how they roll."