White House Budget Director Says Border Wall Could Cost Up To $25 Million Per Mile

Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaneysaid on a radio show Monday the border wall with Mexico could costanywhere from $8 million to $25 million per mile.

Mulvaney appeared on “The Hugh Hewitt” and saidthat, while he can throw out some cost estimates, the actual costwon’t be clear until it comes time for the 2019 budget, TheWashington Times reports.

The White House official also said it’s possible the wall, or atleast parts of the wall, could be fencing instead of concrete. Theentirety of the Mexico-U.S. border stretches for 1,950 miles.

“It just depends on the kind of wall that you want to build, andI don’t think we’ve settled, yet, on the actual construction,”Mulvaney said. “You can do steel, you could doconcrete, you can do a combination of concrete and steel. You cansupplement it with different types of technologies and so forth. Soit sort of depends on what you want to build.”

Mulvaney hedging on the nature of the wall contradictsPresident Donald Trump’s firm stance that the wall will beconstructed out of concrete.

Some estimates have placed the total cost of the wall at $14billion.

Reuters reported in early February that an internal Departmentof Homeland Security document pegged the cost at up to $21.6 billion, whichis far more than the $12 billion figure coming out of the Trumpcamp.

However, regardless of the cost, Trump has made it an essentialpart of his campaign platform that Mexico pay for the wall’sconstruction.

Mexican officials have shrugged his claims off so far, withone Mexican politician recently climbing to thetop of the border fence separating the two countries to tryand demonstrate how a border wall would be “absurd.”

The question of who precisely will pay for the wall did not comeup for discussion during the show, but firms interested inconstructing the massive project must submit prototype ideaslater this week.

Federal authorities will make a decision on the prototypes aroundthe middle of April.

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