Trump Transition

Trump Tower advertising Secret Service protection as amenity for tenants

It’s now the safest building in New York, because its most famous resident is now the President-elect of the United States. And now, New York real-estate brokers think Donald’s Secret Service detail is a selling point for prospective Trump Tower tenants.

According to POLITICO, the ads started pouring out to New York buyers and renters less than a week after Donald Trump had secured the White House. “Fifth Avenue Buyers Interested in Secret Service Protection?” read one ad to advertise a $2.1 million, 1,052-square-foot condo in the tower on 721 Fifth Avenue.

Another: “The New Aminity [sic] – The United States Secret Service.” 

You can’t argue that the building isn’t secure.

Trump Tower is home to around 250 individual condominiums, most of which are independently owned. Trump Corporation gets a service fee for each condo, a processing fee when a condo is sold, and a straight fee per resident for its management services, which include the building’s full-time staff. 

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