Trump Moves To Block Recounts Nationwide, Says Stein Has ‘No Evidence’

Representatives of President-elect Donald Trump are challengingrecount motions in Pennsylvania and Michigan, according toPolitico.

“Despite being no more than a blip on the electoral radar, Steinhas now commandeered Pennsylvania’s electoral process, with an eyetoward doing the same to the Electoral College,” the complaint filed Thursday states. “There is no evidence —or even an allegation — that any tampering with Pennsylvania’svoting systems actually occurred.”

Green Party candidate Jill Stein is responsible for pushing therecount efforts in those states, and called Trump’s motion“outrageous.”

“The recount in Michigan, which has been driven by an outpouringof grassroots support in the state — will go forward,” she said.“The Michigan Board of State Canvassers and Director of Electionshas been a model of professionalism in moving this recount forwardin an efficient, transparent manner. Yet the Trump campaign’scynical efforts to delay the recount and create unnecessary costsfor taxpayers are shameful and outrageous.”

The Michigan state board of elections will consider the motionFriday, which seeks to block the state’s recount of 4.8 millionindividual ballots. Trump won the state of Michigan by 10,700votes, according to ABC News.

There is already a recount underway in the state of Wisconsin,where Trump won by 22,000 votes. Wisconsin election officials andGov. Scott Walker stressed that the recount wasn’t expected to significantly affect the results ofthe election. “Anytime there’s a canvass or a recount there’sslight adjustments, but I don’t think you’re going to see asignificant adjustment,” the Republican governor said.

Day one of the recount in Wisconsin has found one additionalvote for former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. At that pace,she will overtake Trump to win Wisconsin in approximately 74 and ahalf years. (RELATED: First Day Of Wisconsin Recount NetsHillary One Vote)

Stein continues to assert that the elections in all three stateswere tampered with, particularly through a “well-coordinated,highly complex cyber attack,” according to ABC News.

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