The 'Cruz Missile' follows hawkish candidate on New Hampshire campaign trail

Good morning from Barrington, New Hampshire! Guess who's speaking #NHPrimary pic.twitter.com/9PXI5HeCS7

Ted Cruz's presidential campaign aims at forcefully impacting the so-called Republican establishment — maybe that is why he's had his very own missile following him around New Hampshire these days.

The “Cruz Missile,” the creation of conservative activists Dave and Mary Hebbard, is actually a decorated plastic pipe made to look like one of the U.S. military’s deadly rockets — except instead of being painted gray and filled with explosives, it spells an action plan for the firebrand Texas lawmaker’s fist day in the Oval Office if he gets elected president.

“How do you kill ISIS” is emblazoned on the side of the mock missile, under which is written in bold letters: “Cruz Missile” and “This missile is headed for ISIS 10 seconds after I am president.”

The hawkish Cruz has taken a tough stance on national security during his presidential bid, scrutinizing President Barack Obama on everything from Middle East policies to his policies on the U.S. southern border with Mexico.

On the stump, Cruz has called for the use of extensive aerial bombing campaigns to stop Islamic State militants in the Middle East, a strategy that has been panned by military brass.

When Army Lt. Gen. Sean MacFarland was asked during a recent teleconference from Iraq whether the U.S. should use carpet bombing strikes against Islamic State militants, he said such tactic would kill innocent civilians as well as enemy combatants and is "inconsistent with our [nation's] values." 

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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