Syndicated columnist George Will told viewers Wednesday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that he doesn’t envy any president who has to deliver a State of the Union address for the seventh time, and found few redeeming ideas in Tuesday night’s address to both houses of Congress and to the nation.

Will called the spectacle an “inherently stale ceremony,” adding that the speech was divorced from reality.

“You can just see these guys sitting around the White House saying, ‘What can we do this time?’” he said.

“Someone says, ‘I know, we'll cure cancer. And to show how serious we are, we're going to put [Vice President] Joe Biden in charge of curing cancer,’” Will said of the theoretical meeting.

“The president says...we have to get rid of this red tape. This is the man who gave us the Dodd-Frank financial regulation, which so far, has produced 19 thousand pages of regulation,” Will said.

“Then he says we need more civility in politics.  In front of the president was the Supreme Court. In 2010's State of the Union address, this apostle of civility attacked the Supreme Court by flagrantly misrepresenting the actual content of the Citizens United decision.”

“[Obama] does not practice what he preaches,” Will concluded.