Sessions blasts Ryan for immigration 'error'

Sen. Jeff Sessions is criticizing House Speaker Paul Ryan for downplaying language in the 2016 funding bill that Sessions said would allow thousands of low-skilled immigrant workers into the country.

"The speaker of the House is in error about this provision," Sessions said after the Senate approved the bill. "Blithely dismissing the just concerns of the great majority of American voters, and especially Republican voters, is not a wise course for the Republican speaker."

Sessions has criticized the bill for expanding H-2B visas for foreign nationals who would take service industry jobs, and said Ryan has dismissed the "hysteria" over the language by saying it would only expand by 8,000 temporary workers in a year. But Sessions said the number is much bigger.

"First, the number of H-2B workers is nowhere near 8,000," Sessions said. "The existing H-2B cap is already 66,000. But the omnibus bill eliminates even the 66,000 cap by declaring that three years' worth of prior workers will not be counted against the cap — or adding another 66,000 times three — for a new cap of 264,000 low-wage workers."

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