Clinton campaign: Data breach by Sanders campaign 'act of theft'


The Clinton campaign called the data breach by rival Democrat Bernie Sanders' campaign "very disturbing" and an "act of theft" that discredits the Vermont senator's campaign.

"We've had a lot of questions recently about the data breach and we've been very concerned about how the Sanders campaign misrepresented what happened," Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said during a press call on Friday evening. "This was a very egregious breach and our data was stolen ... it was not as the Sanders campaign explained 'a mistake.'"

The Clinton team suggested that the Sanders campaign should bring in an outside audit to figure out what happened. Even though the Sanders campaign said none of the data was saved, the Clinton campaign claimed it has all been stored, and thus stolen from them, not once but 25 separate times.

Furthermore, Mook claimed this extremely important, and the "strategic roadmap" to the former secretary of state's campaign. They also said that it was uniquely "disappointing" that the Sanders campaign has tried to "downplay" the breach far too much and that they should "acknowledge the severity of what they did."

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