FBI didn't grab drug CEO's coveted Wu-Tang Clan album

Ever since pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli was arrested by the FBI for securities fraud Thursday morning, a big question has been whether the feds seized the secret Wu-Tang Clan album he bought earlier this month.

The chorus of questions swelled so high that the FBI's New York office felt it needed to say something. The agency tweeted that it did not get a seizure warrant as part of the arrest of the 32-year-old, "which means we didn't seize the Wu-Tang Clan album."

That doesn't mean it can't be seized later along with other assets, so the saga could continue.

The Wu-Tang Clan, a famed hip hop group that has been around for two decades, decided to release a single copy of its latest album called "Once Upon a Time in Shaolin." The copy would be auctioned off and the owner could decide to do whatever he or she wanted with it.

Shkreli reportedly paid $2 million for the album last week, an action that infuriated members of Congress who were already upset with Shkreli's 5,000 percent price hike of a decades-old generic drug.

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