Clinton now the only Dem candidate not to visit a mosque

Sen. Bernie Sanders' Wednesday visit to a mosque in Washington, D.C., left Hillary Clinton the only democratic primary candidate not to have attended a mosque since Donald Trump proposed a policy banning any Muslims from entering the United States.

While Sanders is not the first Democratic candidate to visit a mosque, he is the highest profile Democrat in the race to do so. Low polling candidate Martin O'Malley visited a mosque in Northern Virginia last week, but didn't get much attention for it. While Hillary Clinton has often spoke out against anti-Muslim rhetoric from the GOP, she has focused most her efforts on proposing foreign policy measures.

At the Masjid mosque in downtown Washington, Sanders met for a roundtable discussion with Muslim-American Rep. Keith Ellison and Imam Talib Shareef, along with other faith leaders. About twenty Muslims from the community attended, but besides that the event was mainly populated by reporters.

"The Muslim American community is very diverse and they are going to vote based on the policies that are important to them, but I can't say that one candidate speaks for all Muslim Americans," Director of research at the institute of social policy, Dalia Mogahed, said at the event. He said Sanders is acting as a leader, and as a Jewish American who understands "the dangers of American bigotry."

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