Trump rallies getting physical

A campaign rally for Donald Trump turned ugly Monday evening when hecklers were greeted with violent threats and physical pushback by the Republican presidential front-runner's supporters. It was the fifth time since late October that Trump has attracted such commotion.

Shortly after the self-funded billionaire invited a supporter on stage Monday to describe the killing of his son by an illegal immigrant, a heckler began shouting about gun control and was removed by security. Within minutes, another group of protesters interrupted Trump by chanting "Black lives matter."

The crowd, far less forgiving this time, immediately pushed back. Several reporters in attendance claimed various crowd-members urged members of security to beat, shoot and set fire to a male protester as they removed him from the venue.

According to other reports, one person present yelled "sieg heil," a Nazi salute, while the protester was being carried away. Others reportedly accused another male heckler, who was removed later on in the night, of being a Muslim.

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