Trump and Bush rumble over Muslim comments

It did not take long for Jeb Bush and Donald Trump to begin sparring during Tuesday night's GOP presidential debate. Bush labeled Trump a "chaos candidate" as evidenced by his recent controversial statements.

Bush argued that Trump's proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States would make partnering with Arab nations to destroy the Islamic State more difficult. The former Florida governor's criticism of Trump came in response to a question about why he called Trump "unhinged" after Trump's Muslim proposal.

"If we're going to ban all Muslims, how are we going to get them to be part of a coalition to destroy ISIS?" Bush said. "Look, this is not a serious proposal. In fact it will push the Muslim world, the Arab world, away from us at a time when we need to reengage with them, to be able to create a strategy to destroy ISIS. So Donald you know is great at the one-liners, but he's a chaos candidate and he'd be a chaos president. He would not be the commander in chief we need to keep our country safe."

Trump responded to Bush's criticism by doubting that Bush truly meant what he said.

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