Earnest slams GOP's 'petty' Senate agenda

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Tuesday that Republicans have shot themselves in the foot by blocking a nominee that could help the Obama administration impose tougher sanctions against Iran, all to spite President Obama.

Some in the GOP have been pushing the Obama administration to impose new sanctions against Iran for firing a ballistic missile in violation of a United Nations ban on those weapons. But Earnest said the GOP has stalled the nomination of Adam Szubin to be the next undersecretary of Treasury for terrorism and financial crimes.

"One thing that they could do is they could actually confirm Adam Szubin, who is the financial expert at the Treasury Department who has been blocked for more than a year by Republicans, many of whom are complaining about Iran's missile program," Earnest said Tuesday.

"They're actually preventing the confirmation of the individual who would be responsible for imposing the sanctions against Iran and their ballistic missile program," he added.

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