Rubio: Ignoring Facebook posts of those who want visas 'defies all explanation'


Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said Monday the Department of Homeland Security's refusal to check social media profiles of visa applicants over civil liberties concerns only gives the public more reason to be concerned about national security.

"This is exactly why the American people increasingly have zero confidence that this administration has any idea on how to keep our country safe …To not look at that [social media] as a factor and determining whether someone should be allowed to travel here just defies all explanation," Rubio told Fox News' Sean Hannity.

A State Department spokesman also said Monday that they are not required to screen social media accounts of those applying for visas, but did not comment on whether it could have prevented San Bernardino suspect Tashfeen Malik, who had posted support for the Islamic State, from entering the U.S.

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