Dems use climate deal to oppose lifting oil export ban

A leading Democratic voice for climate change on Capitol Hill used Saturday's agreement on a global emissions deal in Paris to criticize the GOP for seeking to lift a 40-year-old ban on oil exports in an omnibus spending bill.

Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., suggested that the agreement in Paris represented the world going in the right direction, while Republicans attempt to undo policies that will increase fossil fuel use, which many scientists blame for causing the Earth's climate to warm.

"Even as Republicans and Big Oil work to lift the crude oil export ban here in the United States, the nations of the world have taken one giant leap forward with this agreement," said Markey, responding to a deal among nearly 200 nations in Paris Saturday on cutting greenhouse gas emissions to curb global warming.

Markey, and other climate proponents in the Senate, have been vocal about extending tax credits for the wind industry at least 10 years, or make them permanent, if the GOP wants their support for lifting the ban on oil exports in the major spending package. That argument is the crux of a deal being worked out this weekend in Washington in order to pass the bill before Congress departs for the holidays next week.

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