Democratic Party resolution condemns GOP's 'anti-Muslim rhetoric'

The Democratic National Committee drafted a resolution, expected to pass Saturday, which accuses the Republican presidential candidates of engaging in "anti-Muslim rhetoric."

The resolution, according to CNN, says the DNC is "sickened by the vile personal attacks that denigrate Islam" from the GOP candidates. It says the candidates have "incited disturbing levels of fear mongering and demagoguery against racial, ethnic and religious minority communities."

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump has made a series of controversial comments about Islamic terrorism, including a call to ban all foreign Muslims from entering the United States. Several of the other candidates haven't gone so far but they have spoken out against the Obama administration's plan to accept thousands of refugees from Syria and Iraq, on the grounds that members of the Islamic State may try to infiltrate the U.S. that way.

The DNC resolution "urges all candidates in the 2016 presidential election to strongly condemn any violence or incitement to violence, and that all candidates should acknowledge that as political leaders they have a responsibility to denounce such acts."

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