Krauthammer: Trump 'wiped out' chance for Hillary 'takedown'

The way conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer sees it, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump blew the perfect opportunity for the GOP to expose a great weakness in Hillary Clinton.

In his latest piece for the Washington Post, Krauthammer wrote that Trump's outlandish claims throughout his campaign have turned the GOP side of the race for the White House into "absurdities" and "impossibilities."

It was Trump's latest proposal this week that all Muslims be temporarily banned from entering the U.S. that Krauthammer said undid the GOP's chance to hit the Democratic front-runner on her own foreign policy record.

"President Obama's Oval Office address on Sunday night marked a new low in his presidency," Krauthammer wrote, referring to the president's recent address on the Islamic State. "The shopworn arguments, the detached tone, the willfull denial that there might be anything wrong with his policy were deeply unsettling for left, right and center ... Here was an opportunity for the Republican field to launch an all-out takedown of the Obama (and Hillary Clinton) foreign policy."

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