Newsweek highlights the 'other side' of campus sexual assault debate


Newsweek has generally provided positive coverage for those insisting campus sexual assault is rampant at American colleges and universities. They've written uncritically about severely flawed studies alleging that one in three men would rape if they could get away with it (debunked here) and one in four or five women allegedly being sexually assaulted while in college (debunked here).

But on Thursday, the magazine published an article that tells the other side of the campus sexual assault debate — the side where accused men (and a couple of women) have no due process rights and are branded as rapists without being able to properly defend themselves.

Newsweek's Max Kutner told the story of Paul Nungesser, who was accused of raping mattress-toter Emma Sulkowicz and of other sexual misconduct by some of her friends. In each instance, Nungesser was cleared of wrongdoing (including one accusation that was less plausible than Sulkowicz's). He was even interviewed by police in relation to Sulkowicz's accusation, but the investigation went no further.

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