Donald Trump against the world

The opposition to Donald Trump has gone global.

Trump is facing international condemnation and criticism for his plan to prevent foreign Muslims from entering the United States. But foreign criticism of the Republican front-runner isn't entirely new.

In mid-August, Trump was placed on an enemy watch-list in Ukraine after suggesting he and Russian President Vladimir Putin would "get along great" should he become president. The list, published by a Ukrainian website and later taken down after attracting significant media attention, named Trump among other "enemies," "traitors," "separatists" and "agents of the Kremlin Worldwide."

In late November, a Scottish woman petitioned Parliament to consider banning Trump from entering the United Kingdom. The petition was made available for U.K. residents to sign on Tuesday and has since garnered over 300,000 signatures – far more than the 100,000 required to move it to a debate in the House of Commons. A spokeswoman for Parliament's Petitions Committee confirmed in an email to the Washington Examiner that the committee will gather on Jan. 5 to set a date for Parliament to debate the proposal.

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