Among the candidates' guilty pleasures: rapping, watching 'Modern Family,' making guac

When they’re not talking climate change, national security, affordable health care or the latest voter polls, they’re looking for the nearest chicken quesadilla, soaking up episodes of "Modern Family" and singing along with the radio in their cars.

Just because they’re running for president, it doesn’t mean the Democratic and Republican candidates can’t indulge in a few guilty pleasures.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee told People Magazine that he is an awesome rapper.

He’s also got cooking skills, he noted, saying, “I make amazing chili with deer that I kill.”

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s swears by jalapeños as her energy food of choice while on the campaign trail. Clinton conceded, “I started during the '92 campaign, and I believe they keep me going!”

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Her secret talent, she said, is singing, “The Wheels on the Bus” to her granddaughter Charlotte.

Sen. Ted Cruz fawns over McDonald’s egg white sandwich, but many of the candidates prefer traditional scrambled eggs for breakfast.

An ideal day off, many  candidates said, is low key, spent at home with family.

Sen. Marco Rubio said he enjoys “offshore fishing with my kids or a pro football doubleheader on DirecTV Sunday Ticket, followed by Sunday Night Football.”

As for the perfect date night, Rubio said that for him it’s “dinner with my wife, followed by a movie.”

His secret talent? “I can sing Lionel Richie and Frank Sinatra songs.”

Listen to this Sofia Vergara: Sen. Bernie Sanders’ favorite TV show is “Modern Family.”

He also loves chewing on pork chops while on the campaign trail, and the book he is reading now is Cornel West’s “The Radical King.”

Donald Trump just read “Killing Reagan” by Fox News host Bill O'Reilly. “Excellent. I thought he is a terrific guy and did a great job,” Trump said. “I also read his book ‘Killing Patton.’”

For Trump, a perfect day off is rather simple for this fan of razzle-dazzle.

“Just staying home would be a perfect day, because I am always away,” Trump said. “Now with the added work of the campaign … I'm always away. Staying home with my family. Day or night. I'm away so much. The last thing I want to do is go out.”

Trump lamented, sort of, that he hardly has time to eat real food when he’s campaigning. He said he lives mainly on snacks.

“It's grabbing ... I have lost 15 lbs. on the campaign trail,” he said. “One of the reasons is I have big crowds ... They're very exciting stops. And when you speak and you really are going at it, you tend to ... I never thought it, but speaking is almost a form of exercise. It's very exhilarating.”

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie loves nachos while on the campaign trail. The last book he read was authored by his election rival’s father.

“I just finished the George H.W. Bush book ["Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush," by Jon Meacham],” he said.

And his ideal day off?

“Perfect day off is being able to hang out in the morning without much to do and then heading to one of my kids' sporting events in the afternoon,” Christie said. “Perfect date night is going out to dinner with Mary Pat at a really nice restaurant where we don't have to rush.”

His secret talent is his singing, he said.

“Oh, I can really sing,” Christie said. “You know, with friends, karaoke, I have a lot of fun singing in the car when I'm driving around New Hampshire and Iowa. [My aides] learned to love it – because they know it's not going to change!”

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush says he is a phenom in the kitchen. “I cook and can make a mean guacamole – the recipe remains top secret!"

His favorite day off is “Sunday Funday in Miami: speed golf, mass with my wife and barbecuing with my family – including my near-perfect grandchildren.”

“Date night? Mexican food with my beautiful wife.”

Former Hewlitt Packard CEO Carly Fiorina loves the Netflix show, “House of Cards.”

“I haven't had time to binge watch the last season!”

The last book she read was “The Reason for God.” Fiorina said, “It's a fantastic book by Dr. Timothy Keller, a pastor in NYC.”

Her perfect day off is “a day at home with my family, my dogs and my kitchen.”

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