FBI: San Bernardino shooter radicalized before she entered U.S.

FBI Director James Comey said Wednesday that Tashfeen Malik, the female suspect in last week's San Bernardino shooting, was radicalized before she came to the U.S. on a fiancee visa.

"So far with the data we collected, she was [radicalized] before she connected with the other killer," Comey said during a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday morning. He was referring to Syed Farook, the American-born husband of Malik who joined her in killing 14 people during a Christmas party last week.

The FBI director said a subsequent search of the home Malik and Farook shared by reporters during a live broadcast struck him as "strange," but noted the televised ransacking was not illegal.

"The way it works is, we get a search warrant ... our forensic experts were in that residence for over 24 hours," he explained. "Once we've exhausted that examination, we board that place up and make it secure."

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