Feds spent $10 million to study 'mellow' dogs

All records of a $3.2 million Department of Veterans' Affairs grant meant to renovate a veterans' cemetery disappeared in a mysterious office "burglary" shortly after the money vanished.

A $10 million National Science Foundation study of dogs, funded by taxpayers, concluded only that "mellow" dogs have "an edge" over "hyper dogs" in stressful situations because the more excitable dogs "crack under pressure."

Department of Homeland Security officials paid $2.5 million to distribute drink coasters to bars in Washington D.C. that reminded people of its "see something, say something" policy on reporting suspicious behavior, but none of the coasters had a phone number to which patrons could report the terrorism they were sure to witness in D.C. bars.

The wasteful expenditures were among the more than 100 frivolous purchases included in Sen. Jeff Flake's "Wastebook" report made public Tuesday. Continuing a tradition begun by retired Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn, Flake detailed dozens of instances of blatant government waste in a 282-page report that highlighted the ridiculous nature of some government spending.

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