Dole: 'I might oversleep' on Election Day if Cruz wins GOP nod

Former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole implied that he might skip out on voting for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in November if he comes away with the GOP nomination.

In an interview with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell which aired Tuesday, Dole, the unsuccessful 1996 GOP presidential nominee against Bill Clinton, said he "might oversleep that day. The former Kansas senator then turned his attention to Cruz's invoking of him and Sen. John McCain in his speeches.

"They used to make these speeches. 'Remember President Dole. You remember President McCain.' The inference was that we're a bunch of liberals, and only he is a true conservative," Dole said. "And he uses the word conservative more than he ever uses the word Republican. So it would be, it would be difficult."

Dole did say, however, that he could not see himself supporting a Democrat in the 2016 contest, pointing to Hillary Clinton's shift to the left.

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