This Clinton fundraiser would make millions from her infrastructure plan

Hillary Clinton is set to attend a fundraiser Monday evening at the Maryland home of a Democratic donor who stands to make millions off the former secretary of state's infrastructure plan.

Wayne Rogers, chief executive of Northeast Maglev LLC, is a longtime financial supporter of the Clintons' political ambitions. Rogers has also profited immensely from his ties to the Democratic Party, which have helped him move toward his firm's goal of building a $10 billion magnetic levitation train between Washington, D.C., and New York City.

In 2011, Clinton reportedly negotiated funding for Rogers' magnetic levitation project from the Japan Bank of International Cooperation, tapping Japanese investors, given that country's success in getting a similar bullet train system off the ground.

Clinton's proposed $275 billion infrastructure plan includes provisions to spend big on passenger trains and railways, which could include Rogers' ambitious magnetic levitation train. Indeed, the Obama administration last month committed $27.8 million to studying Northeast Maglev's proposed project, Bloomberg Business reported.

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