Clinton touts progressive support for Wall Street plan

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton said she Monday that would do more to hold Wall Street bankers accountable for financial misdeeds if she wins the White House, and stressed that her plan has won support from notable progressives.

In an opinion piece in The New York Times, Clinton touted praise from progressives such as Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown and former Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank in an effort to show off her chops with the more liberal wing of the Democratic Party.

Clinton is proposing a tax on "harmful" high-frequency trading, which she says "makes markets less stable and less fair." She said of Wall Street executives that none should be "too big to jail," and that the statute of limitations should be upped from five to 10 years for "major financial crimes."

The former New York senator is also pushing to penalize executives for misdeeds by large firms, and says they should "have skin in the game."

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