Follow W's lead, Mr. President

The New York Times' Saturday story on the details of Wednesday's terrorist attack contained a remarkable paragraph buried deep in the report:

In a Dallas suburb, about a dozen protesters congregated outside the Islamic Center of Irving last month, some covering their faces with bandannas and carrying hunting rifles, tactical shotguns and AR-15s. The group that organized the protest posted on Facebook a list of the names and addresses of dozens of Muslims and what they called "Muslim sympathizers."

What? How was this not covered in real time and ubiquitously throughout mainstream media and sites leaning both left and right? How can such a threatening action not draw the attention of state and federal law enforcement, and widespread coverage?

I did some research and confirmed that it was a dozen people and it did get some attention at The Huffington Post and some minor outlets, and it really did happen. I suspect if my church had a dozen gun-wielding masked men outside of it I would feel menaced as well. Most rational people would.

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