Media invade San Bernardino shooters' home

MSNBC on Friday carried a live camera feed from inside the former apartment of the San Bernardino shooters, which had been boarded shut by the FBI just days before, causing media observers to speculate on the ethics and legality of the matter.

NBC News correspondent Kerry Sanders reported live from the scene by way of a live feed for his network's cable news arm. He said the apartment landlord, Doyle Miller, allowed access to the apartment to NBC News and other media outlets, including Fox News, CNN and CBS.

Sanders said that the FBI had gone through the apartment to obtain any evidence related to the shooters and also to disarm any bombs or boobytraps that might be inside. But other reporters tweeted later that the FBI doesn't yet consider the apartment a closed crime scene.

Still, Sanders said NBC News did not pay for access to the apartment and that Miller allowed NBC in because he didn't "have anything to hide."

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