Congress contemplating massive deficit-finance

Congressional negotiators are working on a deal to pass tax breaks that could end up being the biggest legislative addition to the deficit since President Obama's 2009 stimulus.

The negotiations concern a package of potentially dozens of tax breaks for corporations and families. The final mix of tax breaks will be determined by bargaining between congressional Democrats and Republicans and the White House.

Some of the key players, however, have been suggesting that they're working toward a larger bill. "There is a growing appetite to find a substantial and balanced deal," Oregon's Ron Wyden, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee, said Thursday.

The package is a grab bag of temporary tax provisions that have expired and that, for the most part, are regularly re-upped each time they expire. For that reason, they're known as "extenders." Most of them ran out at the beginning of this year and won't be available for taxpayers unless they are reinstituted before the year ends.

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