NY Times reporter: Trump had 'no idea who I was'

A New York Times reporter said in a new interview that Donald Trump often flatters journalists even if he doesn't know who they are, an admission that lends credibility to Trump's defense that he had never intended to mock another reporter's physical disability.

In a podcast interview published on Wednesday, Times politics reporter Michael Barbaro recalled occasions where he has interviewed the Republican presidential candidate, both on the phone and in person.

"The other fascinating thing about [Trump] is how much time he will spend, sometimes inaccurately because he doesn't really even know sometimes who you are, saying how much he's enjoyed your coverage over the last 10 years even though you've covered him for five and how he loved seeing you that time, if you might have been there," Barbaro said.

He went on to describe a time that he spoke on the phone with Trump, who had asked Barbaro about his Thanksgiving holiday, "as if we were intimates and knew each other." He said a short time thereafter, he interviewed Trump in person and got a very different reception.

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