Bush: Trump only wins if Clinton's 'indicted for her email scandal or something like that'

Jeb Bush said he thinks Donald Trump would not defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016 unless the former secretary of state was indicted for her use of a personal email address and private server. The former Florida governor told "Special Report" that Trump did not stand much of a chance against Clinton.

"You know Florida very well, is it conceivable Donald Trump could carry Florida?" asked George Will.

"If Hillary Clinton's indicted for her email scandal or something like that, perhaps," Bush said. "I think she's a weakened candidate but you can't insult your way to the presidency. You can't insult people with disabilities, you can't insult people that are Latino, you can't insult women and expect that you're going to win the presidency. I have thought perhaps that he would have a second act; that as he garnered this tremendous surge of support that he would actually turn into a serious candidate but there's no evidence that he's a serious candidate."

"Trump against a non-indicted Hillary then, Hillary wins?" Will responded. "I'm afraid so," Bush answered.

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