U.S. Chamber: Obama climate plan in jeopardy


The climate deal President Obama wants to sign onto in Paris is legally questionable and functionally lopsided, said the head of the largest business lobby in the U.S.

Tom Donohue, the president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, on Monday outlined a host of flaws with the president's climate change plan as Obama joins foreign leaders in Paris this week to pledge U.S. emission cuts under a United Nations climate change deal being negotiated.

"The president has pledged that the United States will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by up to 28 percent by 2025," Donohue said. "While the administration has rammed through a series of regulations to achieve its goal, about 45 percent of the emission cuts are still unaccounted for. Moreover, the centerpiece of the U.S. pledge, the Clean Power Plan, stands in serious legal jeopardy."

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