Chicago killing cover-up comes to an end

The video of Laquan McDonald's last moments shows him strutting down the center of a city street at night, past several police officers who had been called to corral him. He acts a bit like a crazy man, and he is carrying a small knife.

Yet even bearing in mind that that this 17-year-old is high on PCP (as toxicology tests later showed) and that he is far from a model citizen, the tape shows that he never lunges at or even moves toward the officers. In fact, he moves diagonally away from them as he strides past. But then he suddenly spins around and hits the ground, having been shot by a police officer.

Even at this point in the video, the viewer must wonder if perhaps he missed something. There is still a shred of doubt. Perhaps Officer Jason Van Dyke really did feel threatened for just a second, even if he was mistaken.

But after that, when you see the additional bullets hit McDonald twitching helplessly on the ground, you realize just how immense and egregious a fraud has been perpetrated by the Chicago Police Department and all of its elected enablers.

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